Science Cruise Research


As some of those closest to me know there have been aspects of this trip that have been difficult for me, but nights like tonight make all the bullshit seem meaningless.

As we turned onto another seismic line tonight one of our technicians, who is responsible for all the seismic equipment, mentioned that the bioluminescence algae was out. We all jumped at the opportunity to go on the fantail to see what we could see. And see we did (after our eyes adjusted to the darkness of night in the southern ocean) – there were white clouds of algae coming from the thrusters; every now and then sparks could be see; the longer we were out, the brighter it became. It was/is truly magical.

Then we look above us – another beautiful star-filled night, with the Milky Way right above us. It is so spectacular. As I sit here it is difficult to find words that describe how stunning it really is.

This is the second time today I have wanted to pinch myself to determine if this is all just a dream, because even in my wildest dreams, I never imagined I would have an opportunity like this (or many others I have had). I wish I could share it with my family and friends, who, I know, don’t always understand how or why I do these things, but support me anyway. Somewhere along the line I must have done something right to have this chance to see just how big and beautiful the world really is.

I really can’t believe I get paid for this sometimes.


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