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Day 1 (written 4/22/2017)

Today started like any other, rushing around frantically trying to do all the things I think I need to do before I leave. Last stop, Santa Cruz, to drop off my SCUBA gear to get serviced while I am gone.

Once on the road with nothing left to do, nowhere else I need to be. At first a moment (or many moments) of anxiety – “Now what? I don’t know what I am doing!” Then a sigh of relief as I gaze at the rolling hills, wildflowers in bloom. So many colors, no more city haze, miles of visibility, nothing but open road ahead. The possibilities unless – both terrifying and liberating. I am excited about the adventures to come, the places we (the pups and I) will see, the people we will meet.

Sunset tonight reminded me why I am doing this –to stop over analyzing everything (past, present, future) to live in the moment, appreciate the little things, and

Tonight as I stare up at the stars, I find myself feeling more peaceful for the first time (that I can remember). I feel as though I can breathe more easily. The tortured voices in my head have quieted (for now).


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