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Day 1 (written 4/22/2017)

Today started like any other, rushing around frantically trying to do all the things I think I need to do before I leave. Last stop, Santa Cruz, to drop off my SCUBA gear to get serviced while I am gone. Once on the road with nothing left to do, nowhere else I need to be.… Continue reading Day 1 (written 4/22/2017)

Female Scientist · girly girl


As a female scientist, particularly as a geologist, I often struggle with how to present myself for “work”. Do I dress up (e.g., wear skirts, suits, blouses) or dress “normal” and/or comfortably (e.g., jeans, T-shirt, field pants) as most of my colleagues do? While I prefer comfortable, I often to wear a skirt just to… Continue reading THE DICOTOMY OF MY LIFE