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Day 1 (written 4/22/2017)

Today started like any other, rushing around frantically trying to do all the things I think I need to do before I leave. Last stop, Santa Cruz, to drop off my SCUBA gear to get serviced while I am gone. Once on the road with nothing left to do, nowhere else I need to be.… Continue reading Day 1 (written 4/22/2017)

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Welcome to 2016! ****WARNING-The majority of this post can be interpreted negatively (and maybe rightly so), but it ends on a positive note with some exciting news. My current fellowship as a SESE Postdoctoral Researcher ends on 07/31/2016. I have been on the academic job market for more than 5 years with no luck. Since… Continue reading THE FINAL 6 MONTHS

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Last week I received a request from the Earth Science Women’s Network (ESWN) to be features as a scientist who took a non-traditional path to my PhD. The quick and dirty version: Not only did I finish high school a semester early (and only went ½ for that semester), but I also graduated top in… Continue reading SCIENCE AND SELF-WORTH